Best of Kanazawa~ ネコ♪ニャ~ちゃん

Asnogawa Reading House Owari-cho Kanazawa

Izumi Kyoka was born in Kanazawa.
His birthplace is near Asano River, Higashi Chaya machi ( Kanazawa's most famous geisha district ) , Kazue machi ( area of geisha houses along Asano River bank ).

Owari cho is a cozy and peaceful quarter, which is also near his hometown.
There is a reading house called Rodoku-goya Asanogawa Club 朗読小屋 浅野川倶楽部 in Owari cho.
I once visited there to listen to the reading of Izumi Kyoka's works in last autumn.
The front door of the house is narrow, but once you take a step into the room, you will feel like being in another realm. Despite austere appearance of the front door, the interior of the house, which is wood focused, is chic and beautiful.
When I entered the lighting-dimly lit room, I was fascinated with an attractive arrangement of many different color of autumn flowers.

The story of Izumi Kyoka is like a colorful and kaleidoscopic dream.
I was drawn to the readers' storytelling because they read the story with expression.

朗読小屋 浅野川倶楽部 reading house Asanogwa Club
by laptime04 | 2013-09-19 10:16