Best of Kanazawa~ ネコ♪ニャ~ちゃん

Kinji-so 金時草

Kinji-so 金時草 is categorized as kaga Yasai 加賀野菜 in Kanazawa.
Kaga Yasai has been passed down in Kanazawa since the era that Maeda family governed Kaga domain.

Kinjiso has a slimy texture and it is crisp to eat.
The color of the leaf is dark green and underside of the leaf is bright red purple.

When I was a new mother, a woman who lived in the same apartment gave me Kinjiso.
She told me that she had visited home and her parents gave her Kinjiso.
She handed it to me saying " Hi, ma'am. Do you eat Kinjiso?"
"What is Kinjiso?"
" You don't know Kinjiso. I see, You are not from Kanazawa. We usually eat them with a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, and sugar and grated ginger.

When my husband
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